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Baba Yaga

by Tamayugé

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今日も大きな雨が降りました。一瞬にしてこの町をびしょ濡れにしてしまうような、大きな大きな、たった一粒の、雨でした…数学、国語、英語、社会、理科、技術、家庭科、保健体育、現代文、古文、漢文、スーガク、エーゴ、ギジュチュ、レキシ、ソー活、ブ活、宿題、シュクダイ…宿題終わった?このノート貸して?…これ使ってないんだったら、これ貸して?これまた借りていい?…(変なおばあさん)ユメノナカなら本当が見えるよぉ。雨の中身は空っぽだよぉ…(spoken word improvisation)… あれ、はれた…あめふってない、あそびいっちゃお… There was a big rain today. It made the whole town all wet in a second, There was a very big big big raindrop… Arithmetic, English, Science, Algebra, Geography, Homework, homework, homework…. Did you do the homework? Ah, then, can I copy yours?... Ah, you are not using this eraser? Can I borrow it?... Ah, can I ... You can see it in a dream. It is empty inside the raindrop… (spoken word improvisation).. Oh, no more rain? I’ll go out then.
Jyu Hantai 04:39
隣の兄ちゃんが  窓のすき間から  BB弾で撃ってくるよ 干してる家の布団めがけて 撃ってくるよ 撃ってくるよ 危ないよ 危ないよ それ危ないよ 痛い やめて Jyu hantai Jyu hantai… 布団にあながあく 猫が怖がる 家の母ちゃん怖がる しまいにゃみんなが銃を持つ Jyu hantai Jyu hantai… Our neighbour boy is shooting BB gun at our house.. Hiding behind a window, cracked open Aiming at our drying futon on the balcony He’s going to shoot again! He’s going to shoot again… « Hey! Stop it ! It’s dangerous ! Ouch ! It’s enough!! It’s painful! Enough!»
Chornei Glaz 07:12
髪を搔きむしる  するりと髪の毛ははだけ落ち するりと絹はほつれ落ち 私の体は影を引く 窓の外には工場の明かりが ギラリと白目に食らいつき 黒目はふくらむ染みのように 私のみぞから湧き上がる 風は秋 アスファルトに、夜のさざ波 やまない電波は音もなし 黒目はふくらむ染みのように 私のみぞから湧き上がる I deeply scratch my hair All of my hair falls off, All of the strands slither away My body draws a long shadow From outside of my window, harsh factory light Snaps at the white of my eyes, The black of my iris, spreads like a stain, Fuelled by darkness inside The wind is autumn The ripple of the night on the asphalt Wavy infinitudes don't make noise
Tamago 04:21
Kompeito 07:52 video
ピチカポンコン コン こんぺいとう… あと出しー でもこんぺいとうはありー グーチョキパー全部入ってる じゃんけんで全部入ってるのはこんぺいとうです 後出しするぐらいなら こんぺいとう 出してごらんよ、あんたのこんぺいとう 白黒つけようって、あんた一番危ないんだよ こんぺいとう いじらないから 出してごらんよ あんたのこんぺいとう ゲジゲジ ゴツゴツ 丸くて 甘い こんぺいとう 私のこんぺいとう あなたのこんぺいとう 小惑星みたいに ゴツゴツしてて 浮き上がる みんなの こんぺいとうは 星の数だけ 空に昇る Pichikapon kon kon peito- Atodashi- (translation note: waiting to see one's opponent's move before doing anything (e.g. this is not allowed in rock,paper,scissors) But Kompeito is acceptable It includes all of them Kompeito includes everything in rock,paper,scissors Instead of atodashi, do your own kompeito Deciding right or wrong will make you dangerous Put your own kompeito Geji geji gotu gotu (onomatopoeia on rough surface of kompeito) Sweet and round Your kompeito My kompeito like Asteroid,flowing up in the air All the kompeito from everyone, rise up in the sky as much as the stars
Herbert Song 06:27
外から入り込む 足音 体を抜け出て お迎えをする はい、私です。 お待ちしていました。 じゃ、行きましょうか。 お姉さん、お母さん、 心配せずに 私はあちらでお待ちしております。 The footsteps sound comes into the room I leave my body to welcome it Yes, it’s me I was waiting for you Let’s go My mom - my sister, Don’t worry about me I will wait for you there


After Ko Shin Moon, The Dwarfs of East Agouza and Praed, Akuphone continues its sonic exploration of freaky electronic music with Tamayugé!
Blend of experimental music, creepiness melancholia and kitschy tones, this surprising collaboration release his first album Baba Yaga.

At the head of: Maya Kuroki and Tamara Filyavich, a Japanese and a Ukrainian now based in Montreal. Maya Kuroki's phantasmagoric vocals and dreamy guitar added to Tamara Filyavich's team of electronic ghosts fresh out of her nightmares and invite is to a strange ritual, between tormented performance and feminist ceremony. Like Baba Yaga, an ambivalent character of the Slav Mythology, both part of Japanese and Ukrainian cultures, Tamayugé’s music brings scary and exciting shivers and open to an enigmatic imaginary.

The mysterious and unsettling Tamayuge’s universe is somewhere between Phew, Laurie Anderson and The Residents!


released February 25, 2019

Electronics : Tamara Filyavich
Voice, Electric guitar : Maya Kuroki

All tracks are composed, arranged, performed and produced by Tamayugé. Except Chornei Glaz (Traditional)

Recorded at home in 2017

Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering

Artwork by Maya Kuroki

Special thanks : Sam Shalabi, Alexander Moskos, Kyoka Tsukamoto, Marilyne Lacombe, Alex Pelechat, Alexandre Osmoze Brakha


all rights reserved



Tamayugé Montreal, Québec

Tamayugé is a musical collaboration between Japanese and Ukrainian musicians now based in Montreal, Maya Kuroki and Tamara Filyavich.

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